The company CBV, Compagnie Belge de Ventilateurs s.a. , is specialized in fan engineering.
CBV can count of the large experience of his qualified employees, who are working since longtime in manufacturing of industrial fans.
Beginning from the conception, manufacturing, sales, starting-up and maintenance we can nearly offer everything to our client.
On demand, we can also arrange technical training courses for our clients.

Our product range is composed as the follow:
Radial and axial fans, Standard lightweight fans, build in serial, or special Custom fans designed for customer-specified process applications. The diameter of our fans can go from 25 cm to 5 m, the power from 0,5 kw to 7000 kw and build for temperatures up to 850 C.

Further more, we can propose preventive or restoring maintenance on site or in our workshop.

Our clients are located in the following industrial fields: cement, steel, furnace, paper, sugar, chemical, petrochemical, mines, thermics, paper mills,

fan fans  industrial high pressure centrifugal axial heavy duty maintenance